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Terasaki Nibei Foundation Lecture Series: “Learn How to Wear Yukata” June11, 6:00PM

Forwarded for Terasaki Nibei Foundation

“Learn How to Wear Yukata”
June 11, Tuesday, 2019, 6:00PM
11570 West Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Obon festival is around the corner.
Let’s learn how to wear Yukata this year to go to the festival.

Ms. Sueko Oshimoto of Kimono SK will come to teach us how to wear Yukata.
Yukata is a causal summer kimono made of cotton or synthetic fabric and unlined.

Dinner form 6:00 pm (by order, $10/person) followed by workshop at 7:00 pm (free, it’s about 1.5h class).

Registration site
If you plan to attend, please register. The event is free. If you order dinner, it will be $10 per person.

If you skip dinner, the event will start at 7:00 pm.
If you order dinner, and need to cancel, please email us before the event.

If you can join us for this workshop, please bring, 1)Your own Yukata, 2)Yukata, obi 3)Kimono strap (Q for women, P for men).

You try on your own clothes, please wear thin shirts (no color), thirst, tank top with thin material pants or skirt.

Please bring your own Yukata, Koshihimo:Strap for kimono (2 for women, 1 for men), and Obi belt.

Also wear thin clothes (t-shirt, tank top, thin pants) so that you can wear on top of your clothes.

Any question, please don’t hesitate to email