Board of Directors

Panayiotis Neufelt is the Founder and Chairman of the International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority, the International Independent, a consortium of Cultural and Creative Industries research, economy and policy organisations, and the Arts Council Greece. He has a dual background both technical and creative, as a theatre director, curator and producer, and as an aviation specialist and entrepreneur, and has worked also as a political advisor, consultant, researcher and public speaker. Panayiotis holds an Aviation Management degree (BSc), studied theatre and worked in the performing arts and in the cultural policy and creative sectors internationally.

Marco Valente is an Archaeologist, Fundraiser and an International Marketing Consultant. Marco is a Cooperating Member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Archaeologies (CTA-IPT), and worked in Portugal, Spain and Mozambique, coordinating Projects related to Archaeology, Tourism, Theatre, Music, Patrimony, Biological Agriculture, HIV-AIDS, Education, Citizenship, Empowering Women, Science Labs Establishment, and Ecosystems Protection. He has a special interest in Cultural and Physical Anthropology, Ethnographic Studies, Ecosystem Protection and the Islamic Culture. Master on “Islamic Portugal and the Mediterranean” – Ual, Post-graduate Studies in Archaeology – UFP, Degree on World History – Educational – FLUP.

Faisal Kiwewa is the founding director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. Together with a skilful team of he has worked hard to transform the arts scene in Uganda from a rather static state to its current level of vibrancy. During the past years, under his guidance, Bayimba has trained, supported and created numerous platforms to celebrate the arts in Uganda. As such, Bayimba has developed into a house hold name among artists and professionals, not only within Uganda but also within the East African region and other corners around the world.

José Antonio González Carrillo is a professional with extensive experience in the world of advertising, marketing and communication, developing projects for companies and institutions in Spain and Portugal. In addition to his usual work, he has co-founded different associations for the valorization of Portuguese culture in his geographic environment, on the border between Spain and Portugal. Author of eight books related to the history and culture of his región, Olivenza.

Expected BM

Expected BM

Expected BM

The new Members of the Board of Directors as announced on the 5th April 2021.

Terms of appointment

A Member of the Board is appointed on the recommendation of the appointments committee.


International Independent Cultural Council is an International Independent Member.

Responsibilities of all individuals and legal entities, Members of the Interational Independent consortium is to:

Establish and ensure the mission statement of the International Independent is upheld.

Promote and advance for the societal benefit the arts, culture, creative industries and entertainment.

Encourage and support cultural actors, artists and creativity, as well as all known types of artistic, cultural, creative industries and entertainment organisations and initiatives worldwide.

Uphold the values of the International Independent and reflect the organisation in a constructive manner.