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Volunteer Announcement for 2018 by the International Independent Cultural Council


Volunteers are usually involved in an big array of cultural and creative activities including events, project management, handling proposals or fund-raising.


We wish to see more people to be willing to give their time and effort, more often and in creative ways that fit in with their lives, to bring happiness, cultural and well-being benefits for themselves and for others.


We revise regularly our program and vision, in order to reflect the changes happening internationally in the cultural and creative sectors. Volunteering can help us in developing our vision for a stronger nascent cultural community.


Volunteering has its part to play in social action, peoples empowerment and cultural and creative industries reforms. Our perception and vision for volunteering is helping the IICC to foster and support a culture and effectively an understanding, in which volunteering can thrive as part of that large cultural and creative global society.


Join us. It is not going to be easy, but it is going to be extremely interesting. Volunteering offers a wealth of opportunities for people to engage, offer and share, gain new experiences, learn, meet new friends and contribute in something meaningful.



Are you interested in working in an international cultural and creative voluntary environment?

Why don’t you register to be a volunteer for the International Independent Cultural Council?

We are searching for individual supporters, who are willing to help our cultural and creative activities.


What will be your daily tasks?

  • Work from… your place!
  • Do work over the Internet, maintain the website and the social networks.
  • Support international volunteers in various ways including translating or maintaining an independent cultural network abroad.
  • Work in teams with international volunteers to organize on-line information exchanges.
  • Develop proposals for international collaborations between the International Independent Cultural Council and other organisations and fund-raise.
  • Prepare logistics and other tasks upon requests.


What are the benefits to individuals who choose to volunteer?

  • Get opportunities to work, communicate and be friends with other international volunteers working on the cultural sectors.
  • Take part in meaningful activities for artistic, cultural and creative industries developments.
  • Enhance English skills, team work, cross-communication skills.
  • Gain insights to different cultures and sharpen your skills .
  • Receive a certificate of completion (depending on the performance of volunteer).


What are our requirements?

  • Age: 22 years old and over, OAP’s welcome!
  • Computer, Internet and Social Media knowledge.
  • Work from home or his/hers own environment.
  • Language ability: Fluency in speaking English. Good command of French or Spanish or Italian or German or Portuguese or Chinese.
  • Have strong passion for social and voluntary work.
  • Have strong commitment and good sense of responsibilities.
  • Experience working with other people from the cultural sectors.


Recruitment process:

  • Applications round: All year round,
  • Interview round: Interviews once a month every 15th.
  • Training section: Will be informed via email to candidates passing the interview round.


If you are interested, you can register via the link below:


For further information, please contact us:

Website: https://www.internationalindependentculturalcouncil.org

Email: admin(@)independentculturalcouncil.org

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