Become an International Independent Board Member (Consortium of Cultural Councils) June 2020

Deadline July 10, 2020

¿back to normality or…?

The International Independent is a cultural foundation, which has under its auspices the following organisations:

International Independent Arts Council
International Independent Cultural Council
International Independent Creative Industries Council
International Independent Entertainment Council

The International Independent supports the reforms of the consortium and is seeking seven board members for each of the above organisations.

As a Board Member, you will be working with the Founder and Chairman to support the CEO and Management Team and help us make a positive impact in the lives of artists and cultural actors internationally.

Board Member roles are usually governance and strategy based and occasionally will be expected to support in areas that would usually be designated for operational staff, such as fundraising and bid writing for instance.

What are we looking for?
We are seeking for active and engaged members for the board, who will not only bring with them self-motivation, time and dedication, but will also bring passion, drive, enthusiasm and a real energy and buzz to the role, in order to help the consortium make a difference in the cultural and creative sectors.

What’s in it for the volunteer?
As this role is voluntary, it offers great flexibility to fit around your time (including daytimes, evenings and/or weekends, however the majority of our work will take place at monthly evening meetings with occasional weekend daytime activities).

Desired Skills and Experience
Legal, General management, Project management, Governance, Strategic development, Fundraising and Planning.

PLEASE NOTE You MUST have previous experience of working in a cultural organisation or charity, at Board of Directors or Executive level to be considered for this position. Procedures:

1. Deadline: July 10, 2020

2. You apply by following the link below.

3. You receive a reply and you respond by sending us your CV, Photo.

4. All applicants will be contacted.

5. Succesful candidates will be notified before July 30, 2020.

Please apply via the websites showing your preference, according to the available offered platforms, as shown below:

For International Independent
Cultural Council
For International Independent
Creative Industries Council
For International Independent
Entertainment Council
For International Independent
Arts Council

The Management

International Independent

Do not forget four (4) things:

1. We certainly need your support, so be generous and donate!

2. Sponsor!

3. Become a Member and engage!

4. Franchise!

Please Indicate You Are A Donor

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For International Independent
Cultural Council

For International Independent
Creative Industries Council

For International Independent
Entertainment Council
For International Independent
Arts Council
For Any of the consortium organisations please send us an email

Email us:

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